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Company Profile

We are a group of small family farms who raise their sheep on the green pastures of Northern Michigan. 

We have memberships in

* Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Wool Blankets View Our Colors

* American Lamb Board

* Michigan Sheep Breeders Association

* American Sheep Industry Association        

The wool used in our blankets and mattress pads is 100% virgin wool.    This means that our wool is being used for the first time in our products, giving full benefit of it's original resilience, loftiness, and durability. (It's softer too!)

Wool is a natural, renewable resource. 

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Unbelievable Prices!
100% Virgin Wool Blankets
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Contact Information

Telephone:   906-478-7451
     Alternate:    906 - 647-2011
Postal address
7538 W M-48
        Rudyard, MI 49780
Electronic mail
General Information:
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